Left Hand Path Blog

Thunder and Lightening


I want a man who can dissolve me with his smile

I want to see him swagger with elegance and style


I want a man who enjoys his splendid life

A man who avoids negativity and strife


As whole person, I don’t need another half

I want a whole man who knows how to laugh


I want a passionate lover not just a pleasant friend

It’s all or nothing, till the blissful end


I want chemistry and a blazing, electric fire

A calm and tranquil sea hiding a raging desire


I want brilliant sarcasm and perceptive glances

Some say I want too much, and wasting my chances


But that’s fine with me, for I am already complete

To find that special someone would just be truly sweet


Superficial characteristics mean nothing to me

It’s that elusive magnetism which fascinates me


It’s a primal attraction that makes me feel flush

That male who brings out my womanly blush


I want the chase to be fun and exciting

And when I am caught I want thunder and lightening