Left Hand Path Blog

The Dark Path


The moon is dark tonight

And the heavens blacker yet

As I walk this solitary path

No space or time for regret


I commune with demons

And those who came before me

The ancient ones with timeless wisdom

All roam the Galaxy


Overcome by isolation

Desolation and Despair

This is the price of illumination

Follow me if you dare!


I am merely a lone traveler in flight

Who made a conscious choice

To seek that which is beyond the night

And offer it a voice


We travelers sacrifice our earthly selves

To peer behind the veil

Where there is no forgiveness

For the unwitting, mundane, and frail


At times it’s insufferably lonely

But then the warm, potent energy

Of those who came before me

Surges and pulsates through me


It thrusts me forward with electrical spin

Passionate, obsessive and possessed

The mundane can’t begin to comprehend

Who I am and that which I profess


My path is narrow and desolate

Very few can endure the ordeal

And many more are stuck at the gate

By their fear and their battles of will


They have yet to discover Fear is the Liar

From death there is no escape

Let our hearts be consumed with fire

In our quest to breach the black drape


During rare and delightful times

We may recognize a brother

A reunion of old souls in brief, sublime

Communion with one another


Till we part to continue our solo voyage

We share our secrets, wine and love

To be reunited so joyous

Is a gift beyond below and above