That Bridge Burned

Dedicated to Typhon Draconis, the man who tried his damnedest to take me down.



The fool sifts through the ashes

Hunting for charred pieces of the past

Looking outward at where he once was

Questioning why bridges don’t last


That bridge burned long ago

And all was destroyed in the blaze

Nothing left but the blackest of memories

Drifting off and fading into haze


Those who survived the explosion

Took refuge to heal and move on

But he who ignited the blast

Comprehends not, why they’re all gone


As he gazes at mountains of ashes and smoke

To others he pins all the blame

How could they all have done this to him?

His whole life… just more of the same


Ceaselessly stuck in stagnation

The lessen is lost on him again

Incapable of grasping the reality

That all of it came from within


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