Prince Charming




Your words so enchanting – the charm of a prince

It was easy to fall under your spell

Never met anyone before, nor thankfully since

Who so effortlessly made my life Hell


 Playing the role of gentleman sincere

You lied time and again to my face

To this day I’m still somewhat unclear

As to who was the bigger disgrace


 Was it me for believing your deliberate lies?

Or was it you for being such a tool?

Your deeds are not easily minimized

Yet it is I who was the bigger fool


 For I stuck by you and had your back

When others angrily walked away

I see now the common sense that I lacked

All those times I decided to stay


 When I learned that all is not as it seems

And to never trust one I must defend

He will sell me a boat load of dreams

And screw me while calling me ‘friend’


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