My Garden


The morning mist is rising up to meet the dawn

And the birds are celebrating life with a song

Butterfly wings gently flutter in the sun’s new light

Just as my heart used to flutter at your sight


I once was filled with so much warmth and love

Amazed that we fit so well, a hand and glove

The garden is now full of colors and vibrancy and life

But my heart bleeds despair where you plunged the knife


I see the colorful flowers and trees and vines

Nature is dancing and dressed to the nines

And I remember how we once danced a lover’s dance

Realizing I will never again know such romance


Birds sing and squirrels look on as I mourn our goodbye

Feeling utterly alone and lost, never understanding why

Luminescent Dragonflies buzz and dance around the stream

As I hope and pray once again, this is but a horrible dream


I lay down in the soft warm grass feeling the dew in my hair

Wishing once again you were with me to share

This beautiful garden with its lovely colors and scents

Knowing full well I will never breach your fence


So, I sit alone in the garden day after day

Growing old, sadness and recollections fading away

Except for your face, your smile, that look in your eye

Memories of your tender kisses and gentle touch never die


When they find me in the garden lifeless and cold

I wish to be unceremoniously buried in this protective fold

Where Mother Earth can finally give me peace

Where all memories of you will finally cease.


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