My Peace



Like many before

You overrated yourself

And underestimated me

Assuming you were


Who could fulfil me


That somehow

I couldn’t be without you

Even though I was

Before you darkened my door

And here I AM

Moving on


It’s not always easy

To walk away

From a comfortable insanity

To step back into the dark


Back into the unknown


But I have walked alone

Many times before

It’s easier

To leave vanity behind

And embrace

Inner Peace


For all is unknown

Security is a lie

And fear is a liar

I can’t save you

You can’t save me

The only truth is love


And love does not demand

Deceive or betray

It Blazes from within


Empowering those who give

And receive it


My peace

Does not come from you

I was born alone

I will die alone

My peace was earned

Through suffering alone


Inner flame

Illuminating my way

With calm assurance

That I will reach the end

Whatever it may be

I am just me


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