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Life is a challenge

Full of lessons and tests

Of our flexibility and resolve

Sometimes it pushes us to the precipice

Where we must choose

Whether to hang on

Or let go

To fall into the abyss

And claw our way through

Hoping to make it safely

To the other side

Regardless of our choices

We reflect and attract

The energy we create


Focus on destruction, blaming others for distress

Yields greater torment

Resonating through the inner core

Manifesting in words and deeds

Emanating vibrations felt by all

The strong walk away

Leaving the wretched

To wallow in their despair

While the wicked stay to feed it

And feed from it

Forming alliances of mutual contempt

Holding hands

While skipping down the path

Of mutual self-destruction


Focus on acceptance

Compassion and Love

Letting go of the heavy burden

Of anguish, worry and fear

Time is too short

For jealousy, bitterness and hate

Leaving past offenses behind

Accepting lessons learned

Is the only way

To love and be loved

Wounds and battle scars included


Are the fleeting moments

Of Life


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