Left Hand Path Blog

Impossible Dream


Last night your summons arrived from afar

A song bursting with passion and desire

Declaration of love transcending space in time

Tears of anguish sizzling in cosmic fire

Recalling old wounds my heart tries to hide

For you left me behind to follow your star

Such a master of  deception and illusion

To be stringing me along from afar

I stand on this lonely planet

Beholding the radiant moon

Like you, so charming and unattainable

As I listen to your fiery tune

Once sheltered by layers of denial

The pain of desertion buried deep

Now the raw truth stares me in the face

Screaming that talk is cheap

During our encounters in reality

You shielded your love with a mask

Pretending you didn’t want me

When all you had to do was ask

I was by your side all along

Until you vanished into space

Leaving me to carry on

Alone in this dreadful place

A rendezvous on the moon sounds lovely my dear

But an impossible proposal to meet

A thousand times you stung me on Earth

Why rush to interstellar defeat?