Left Hand Path Blog




Looking back at the impact of you

I see nothing but empty talk

A distraction from what I had to do

When it got real, you up and walked


You were an ominous, black cloud

In a Southern afternoon storm

Just swiftly passing through

While barely taking form


A photon in a ray of sunshine

That once warmly filled my heart

A brief moment in a lifetime

Only to swiftly depart


In the typhoon of my mind

You were once a luminous drop of hope

But the turbulent water blinded me

To an unyielding misanthrope 


 The copper penny I once threw

Into a fountain with a wish

The price I paid for desire, it’s true

What I got was an empty dish


 You appeared to be a dazzling jewel

Brightening up my frenzied life

Who knew you could act so cool

With so much bitterness and strife


You were a tendril of smoke

In the blazing inferno of my heart

Promise of love in an elusive cloak

Destined only to fall apart


For an instant I saw you as a diamond

During a gloomy moment of my life

But you were merely jagged glass

Which cut me like a knife


Hard to believe I once cared

For someone so cold-hearted

Someone so exceedingly scared

Who so disturbingly departed


In the grand scheme, you’re merely a bug

Scurrying across my floor at night

Yet you acted so incredibly smug

After fearfully taking flight


You were a pebble in the rubble

On the vast mountain I’m here to climb

Something I may have stepped over

On my quest for the sublime


So don’t overestimate

Your significance to me

You were but a harmless snake

Passing through my splendid sea


All is well and life is great

But the lesson was not lost

One more reason to close that gate

And protect myself at all cost


As I now see the bullet I dodged

Colossal passive-aggressive mind-fuck

Thankful the negativity has been dislodged

By some remarkably divine luck


Like a band aid brutally ripped away

It hurt for one brief moment

But made way for a better day

The pain simply my atonement