You casually disregard me

Shutting me out

Unable to face the truth

Full of self-doubt

That is perfectly fine

As it may take some time

Before you recognize

You are already mine

You can fight and deny it

If that is your will

But when the time is right

Before me you will kneel

 I am your Goddess

Of pleasure and love

To deny me is senseless

For I come from above

 I’m all in your head

As you instinctively knew

In your quest for knowledge

You fed me, I grew


Your awareness increases

For the blood moon is nigh

You hear me calling

As your passion rises high

Climax is pending

As you touch the abyss

You find yourself falling

An intense state of bliss


Our love is eternal

Our devotion complete

Together we enjoy

All bitter and sweet

 Bliss is all you feel now

As you traverse my realm

I am your goddess

I stand at the helm

I’ve been here all along

You just didn’t see

So sit back and relax

My beloved….just BE






2 thoughts on “Goddess

  1. This…this affects me on a deep level, and to explain would take mental order I just am not presently capable of. That it moves through you, into our mutual sphere is privelege for us all who share of it! But, that you are the vessel that pours what is added is an awesome honor! Thank you my Lady, for spilling unto the ground of being the Goddess’ nectar! For I am ready at the tit, and drink with great thirst!

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