Left Hand Path Blog

Every Morning


Every morning

You were my first thought

And every night, my last

How I missed your touch

And recalled your fervent kisses

Throughout my busy day

Brief stolen moments

Blissfully remembering

Anticipating our next rendezvous


Every morning

You were my first thought

Until one day

You were the second

Then third

My once jubilant smile

A relic of my innocence

Disappeared along with hope

Nothing left but misplaced desire


One morning

I began to wish for another

As I woke up alone and cold

And I went about my day

Occasionally, I thought of you

A lusterless, faded memory

Triggered by a random word

Or passing thought

A half forgotten dream


Then one morning

The birds were singing

It was no ordinary day

When he came to stay

Hopelessness replaced

By joyful smiles

Loving words

Playful banter

And fiery passion


One morning

I awoke in his arms

Then went about my day

Cold wind blowing wet in my face

As I watched the bus disappear in the haze

Dashing through the streets in a peaceful trance

I almost didn’t recognize you

Sitting on that bench

Smoking in the pouring rain


Yesterday morning

I again woke in his arms

Warm, safe, loving embrace

I passed you as I ran for the bus

But I caught a glimpse as it pulled away

You looked tired, hollow and detached

A shadow of the man I once knew

Later they brought you in

But it was too late for you


This morning

I went about my day as always

I had six patients this morning

And one of them was you

As I changed your sheets and washed your face

You opened your eyes and tried to speak

As I gently took your hand in mine

A tear rolled down your cheek

And you took your last breath