ARCHIV - ILLUSTRATION - Ein junges Paar bei Sonnenuntergang am 30.06.2010 in Markkleeberg (Sachsen). Foto: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa (zu dpa «Auch Partnerbörse OkCupid manipulierte Nutzer mit Experimenten» vom 29.07.2014) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++


Falling into the darkness

Cold pain spreading out

He lay in silence

As time stood still


A familiar touch

Tenderly caressing


Warmly nuzzling against him


Her sweet scent lingering

As she leaned in

Whispering into his ear

“I’m here with you always”


Tears of joy

Trickle to the floor

Enraptured by the chance

To touch her once more


He sees a thousand faces

All belonging to her

Starting with the moment

He first laid eyes on her


As they laugh together

He sees her lovely face

Her delicate features

While in love’s embrace


He saw her as he lifted her veil

In the church that day

Then the radiant glow

With his children on the way


Her ageless beauty

As weeks grew into years

And years became decades

Of eternal devotion


Enchanted once again

In that timeless moment

Before his eyes opened

And she drifted away


Basking in the glow of their love

Alone in the dark

He knows she lives forever

In every beat of his heart




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