Fireflies dance in the distance

As the drums beat louder and harder

Matching the cadence of my heart

Men stare lustfully at undulating hips

Imagining my sex

Yearning to touch my womanhood

As the fire illuminates my skin

Primal scents fill the air

Wine and whisky and sweat and lust …..

Heaving my breasts toward them

Blazing eyes smiling back

I am Babalon

Sensual, ravenous, shameless and free!

Feeding fantasies and raw desire

I am the snake winding my way around the cup

I am the cup

I offer it freely

And no one can turn away

For it is potent, intoxicating, vital and pure

It is the reason for life

And the life of reason




Copyright © 2014 by Pneumatikos.




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