Left Hand Path Blog




I fell in love with an alien

Both of us from different worlds

As we traversed this scary planet

Hidden desires unfurled


He once touched my hand

Just as we drifted apart

And in that moment

He stole my heart


I catch a glimpse of him

As we continue this pretense

Eyes meet for one split second

Passion blazing intense


But we both carry on

As if nothing’s amiss

Dreaming of the day

We might steal a kiss


Dark is the night

As I make my way home

Empty house, cold bed

It’s all monochrome


Observing the stars I imagine

An alternate reality

We are on our own planet

Holding hands, him and me




I saw him again the other day

We shared another piercing gaze

As we strolled through the human fray

 He looked weary, drained, and dazed


I wanted so badly to touch him

To comfort him and take his pain

For the chances of escape are slim 

Trapped on this runaway train


Confined through no fault of our own

This plane killing us one day at a time

Death and Destruction chill us to the bone

Punished for a nonexistent crime


 Yet for one brief moment our eyes meet

Intensely passionate gaze

Two souls bursting with ecstatic heat 

As the spark grows to a blaze


 But then we move along

He goes his way and I go mine

Alone and struggling to be strong

As our souls reach out and entwine


 Another cold night slowly goes by

We’re just tiny specks trapped in granite

Searching for our homes in the sky

While on this dark, scary, alien planet




This time he appeared in the pines

Watching the water flow by

I felt his hand enclose mine

And I knew it was goodbye


His hand so warm and face aglow

I wanted so much to follow

But then he let go

And I never felt so hollow


My heart burns with desire

While simultaneously grieving the loss

Of our love smothered in the mire  

Too many bridges to cross


Like the river flowing

He faded into the distance

My pain and sorrow showing

As I question my own existence


Cold wind freezing the tears

As they slide gently down my face

Wolves howling through the years

I’m still trapped in this place




Lone alien displaced

Disguised as I roam

A lifetime chased

Searching for home


Everything feels wrong

Until he caresses my neck

A memory so strong

All that’s left in this wreck


 His essence still lingers

Moment of bliss

Touch of his fingers

Sweet taste of his kiss


Memory so fleeting

I stumble in the gloom

Keeps my heart beating

Another day in this tomb


Searching the sky again

For a lost piece of my soul

Exhaustion and pain

Taking their toll


Surrendering my sword

I remove my disguise

An alien stranded in an alien horde

Bounded by illusion and lies


Somehow he finds me

Broken and torn

Drowning in this sea

Waiting to be reborn


 He slips off his cloak

Nakedness exposed

Passion evoked

Loving arms enclosed


Suffering no longer

In this barren abyss

Together we’re stronger

Following our bliss




I discovered it was all just a dream

Another illusion to distract me

Deceptions and lies polluting this stream

As I float helplessly out to sea


Only now I embrace the pain

And accept the lessons of this realm

Realizing there is everything to gain

If I merely take over the helm


No one around to hold my hand

As I navigate this Hell on my own

Love is like a grain of sand

Or a seed that couldn’t be sown


It is warm and enticing

But in the bitter end

It’s self sacrificing

And cannot pretend


I must find my own way out

Sailing life’s chaotic extremes

Forging my personal route

Resisting the enchanting dreams


I don’t regret our loving dance

Memories of fire and desire

It simply had no chance

On this treacherous planet of fire


I don’t know what’s real anymore

In this place of illusion and lies

Alone again, I make for the door

Wearing my clever disguise