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Luciferianism 101



As a Luciferian on a quest for knowledge, enlightenment, and self-empowerment, I don’t feel the need or desire to engage in religious or spiritual battles.  I may not agree with those who believe differently from me, but I respect their right to believe and live as they choose as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others to believe and live as they choose.

Since I don’t see any advantage in engaging in debates over religious beliefs, I refuse to argue about it.  It takes two to argue and one to walk away.  I just remind myself that this is not my circus and those are certainly not my monkeys.  All the animals in my circus are free and my monkeys fly……

I strongly feel that actions speak louder than words; therefore, my attitude can be seen in my actions.  What kind of person am I? What do I do for myself and others?  Do I show compassion for the other life forms on this planet?  Do I share with others?  Am I respectful and kind, yet willing to ferociously protect the vulnerable and defenseless as well as myself?  Do I stick by my principles?  Am I honest and ethical? Can I be trusted to keep my word?

You see, it is not at about what others believe or who their deity is.  It’s about how I act, react, and oftentimes, don’t react.  It’s all about MY integrity. 

Say what you want about my spiritual beliefs and the deity I chose to identify with, as it does not affect me.  I affect me.