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Blessed Trinity Contents

Blessed Trinity

Dark Fantasy for Twisted Minds

An Anthology compiled and edited by Laurie Pneumatikos


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Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Dark Tales


Goodbye My Love By River Styxx

Doll 125 By Scarlett Paige

The Curse By Scarlett Paige

A Carpathian Tale by Łuk Groxot

The Legend of Davy Jones By Scarlett Paige

La Ma͠na Tag Company By Amber D. Ferrebee

The Iron Cross By Sam R Geraghty

Changing of the Guard By Kevin Zabbo

The Voyage By Humberto Maggi

That Bridge Burned By Laurie Pneumatikos

White Woman By River Styxx



Chapter 2 Dark Encounters


Lust By Diane Narraway

Me and Mr. Baker By Sidney Sydonay

Impact By Laurie Pneumatikos

Priest’s Rite By Scarlett Paige

Christmas Romance By Scarlett Paige

Fatherly Love By River Styxx

Meet Me On the Moon By Laurie Pneumatikos

Phantasmic Liaisons By Rev Bill Duvendack

Anticipation By Laurie Pneumatikos

Ariadne By Taewakan

The Eternal Kiss By Diane Narraway

Nakala: The Chosen Seed By Rick Stallion

Father Knows Best By River Styxx

Ode to the Passive-Aggressive By Laurie Pneumatikos



Chapter 3 Twisted Tales


Krampus By Scarlett Paige

The Real Boy By Scarlett Paige

Sno White By Laurie Pneumatikos

Created Reality By Rev Bill Duvendack

I Stand on the Edge By Scarlett Paige

Jolly Roger By Dianne Narraway


Art – Illustration


Witch by Jota Silva

Closure by Priapus

Doll 125 by Priapus

The Curse by Jota Silva

“Veles” by Łuk Groxot

The Iron Cross by Gavyn Dylan Sodium and Justell Vonk

Dark Beauty by Eric Vernor

Momento Mori By Eric Vernor

Priest by Jota Silva

Gazebo By Jota Silva