Setting the Record Straight

By Season Cole and Laurie Pneumatikos Some of Luciferianism’s main principles are to be honorable, self-governing, and accountable for our actions. It is a philosophy of empowerment of others as well as the self. It’s also about the understanding and acceptance of responsibility that comes with personal freedom. When those ideals are violated, natural consequencesContinue reading “Setting the Record Straight”

Embracing Both the Light and the Darkness

  SIGNED and NUMBERED EDITION LIMITED TO 333 COPIES   Get Your copy before they are gone! Dark Moon Press is offering FREE SHIPPING until 2018! CLICK ME   “If a man would persist in his folly, he would become wise” – William Blake   It takes a hell of a lot to overcome society’s indoctrination;Continue reading “Embracing Both the Light and the Darkness”