The Illuminati and the Occupy Movement


For years I have been reading a lot about conspiracy theories, specifically, those involving the elusive Illuminati.  It seems conspiracy sites which perpetuate and feed upon the fear of others have twisted the meaning of ‘illuminate, illumination, and illuminati’ beyond all recognition; so I will briefly attempt to shed some LIGHT on the subject.

The word Illuminati means this:

1.  persons possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment.

2. (initial capital letter) a name given to different religious societies or sects because of their claim to superior enlightenment.

Logic would dictate that the world is not dominated by spiritually enlightened people… not by any stretch of the imagination!  It is obviously being manipulated by psychopaths who are driven by greed and power – people who have no compassion for others, animal or human. 

Corporations are heartless, soulless legal entities which are collectively concerned only with the bottom line, regardless of the negative impact on society or the earth.  Corporate and personal greed are responsible for wars, pollution, starvation, disease, and most of the other ills of the world. 

Seriously, why would any corporate or banking cabal call themselves illuminated?   They are operating from the lowest realms of depravity – a place where light cannot reach.

That whole conspiracy rumor got started when Adam Weishaupt started his Bavarian Illuminati in order to infiltrate the Jesuits and try and stop the evil power grab by the church.  Weishaupt, a former Jesuit himself, saw how the church had its tentacles in damn-near every part of the world, manipulating governments, banks, and large corporations and even other churches in order to achieve global dominance. 

Naturally, conspiracy entrepreneurs like Alex Jones, Davie Icke, Texe Marrs, and the rest of those fear-mongering, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, xenophobic, psychological terrorists got it wrong because they wouldn’t know illuminated wisdom if it jumped up and burned them a Third Eye. 

 Alex Jones

They also have a nasty little habit of manipulating the truth themselves in order to sensationalize it and sell more books and videos.  Like TV preachers, they push fire and brimstone – doom and gloom.  Sometimes I suspect they are in cahoots with Faux News, Contrived News Network, and the federal government as part of their plan to keep people in a constant state of fear and ignorance. 


 After all, those who live in fear cannot realize their full potential, be it intellectual or spiritual. Ditto with the greed and materialism. In fact, those corporate bitches who live the consumerist lifestyle are the most intellectually and spiritually challenged of us all….. just the way corporate America wants us to be.  

From the day we are born till the day we die, we are indoctrinated to conform. In school, we are taught to memorize and regurgitate what they want us to believe so we can become fully indoctrinated, compliant adults.  A good little worker-bee doesn’t question tradition or authority.  A good little worker bee eats at McDonald’s  tithes in church every Sunday and shops at the mall.  And the good little worker bee is taught to defend this meaningless existence with his own life.

Let’s face it, America’s state religion is not Christianity!  It’s consumerism!  And that is what the big bankers and corporate elitists want.  Keep the masses in a state of fear, dumb them down so they will be unquestioning automatons, starve their brains by feeding them toxic, contaminated  food so they can’t think straight, get them hooked on psychotropic drugs and indoctrinate them to consume, consume, consume! 

Spiritual is the LAST thing they want us to be!  Spiritual people are not afraid because they see through the facade, and they cannot be enslaved.  Spiritual people seek knowledge and value freedom, love and wisdom above all things. They take responsibility for themselves, the food they eat, the life they live, the work they do.  They are not afraid to push the limits of the mundane or peek behind the veil.

Spiritual people will fight and even die for their values because compromise is unthinkable.



The current Occupy Movement sweeping the globe right now is coming from that place outside the matrix of greed and lies.  They are part of a growing population who are fed up; they are sick and tired of being disrespected, ripped-off, and dehumanized by the greedy, psychotic, corporate machines. 


This is highly significant, because it proves that we are spirits, having a human experience, and will only be enslaved, kept in the dark, and fed excrement for so long.  And although I would bet the majority of the people may not understand ALL the reasons they are so angry, they are starting to catch on to the many ways they have been deceived.  The important thing now, is that there is enough understanding to start a movement, and there is hope that these people will find their spiritual path in spite of the insidious indoctrination by the media, governments, corporations, churches and other power players.

 Welcome to the Illuminati!

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5 thoughts on “The Illuminati and the Occupy Movement

  1. Thank you for this. I have been trying to inform people for years that the Illuminati and Illuminism are different things from the NWO elites{which as a conspiratologist and a mere observer of what’s occuring I believe is real}, and that if anything WEishupts Illuminati would be more akin to the modern Occup[y movement and “Anonymous”,etc, than with the NWO. I have written an article on my blog “The Peoples Luciferian” entitled “What is Illuminism” that explains Illuminism and the original vision of the Illuminati{allthough I think I may need to do a little tweaking on the article}.
    I just came acrossed yout blog/site yesterday and I’ve found it most Illuminating, thanks for your work.
    LVX Populi!

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