Lucifer vs. Satan?



After extensive study of both archetypes and the diverse philosophies behind them, I see a lot of overlap.  While many on the Left Hand Path see Satan as the carnal aspect of our existence and Lucifer as more of an intellectual aspect, there is no denying that both archetypes oppose mainstream Right Hand Path belief systems.  And with that in mind, I see them as the two polar sides of the same struggle for freedom, like two sides to a coin, with Lucifer opposing ignorance while Satan opposes carnal and material restriction.


I find it nauseatingly ironic that mainstream religions are perceived as being all about goodness and light when in fact, they glorify ignorance, misogyny, slavery, racism, religious bigotry and homophobia, while condemning science and intellectual curiosity.  Mainstream religion encourages witch hunts, censorship, book burning, crusades, and the violent overthrow of differing cultures, while Luciferians and Satanists encourage freedom of thought and the pursuit of intellectual and material happiness.


Yet Luciferians and Satanists are the ones who are hated, feared an condemned!

The very name Lucifer means Light Bearer, yet this archetype is seen as dark and evil by mainstream religions.  So let’s consider this for a moment.  Light is literally electromagnetism or energy, which is what life itself is composed of, and it is symbolically equated with knowledge and goodness because light enables us to see!  This is why many religions venerate the Sun.


The esoteric meaning of light is that spark which opens the caverns of the subconscious – the inner-self, allowing us to see and understand the self as it relates with the Universe – the Gnosis.  And this makes sense on a physical level as well because our brain cells literally communicate via light signals!  We are made of light and the energy we generate interacts with and influences the energy around us.


So, how on Earth did Lucifer, the angel who brings the light to mankind, become the dark enemy while the god who commanded the Israelites to rape and kill, became THE GOD of the Universe?  What is wrong with humanity that we should choose violence and oppression over intellectual achievement and spiritual advancement?


Out of fairness, I should point out that the Satan of the traditional Hebrew path was nothing more than an adversary who prosecuted man in trials over which the Hebrew God presided.  But the concept of the Opposer is much older than that, and was understood as an integral part of spiritual growth and progression much as opposing forces create the friction necessary for generation and regeneration.


But thanks to the imagination of many a cleric and Milton’s classic, Paradise Lost, the Christian church embellished the Satan figure to include all that is evil, dark and frightening including a mythical hell where sinners go to burn for eternity. And throughout the centuries they have been persecuting, torturing and killing those who disagree.  And it still goes on to this day.




And all that is evil, according to the church, is anything that gives us pleasure – sex, money, food, music, dancing, and intellectual pursuits, making it impossible for anyone to stay out of hell without a redeemer.

So the church used a horrific and detailed description of hell to bolster its concept of Original Sin in order to guilt people into believing the Jesus story. 

What better way to control and enslave the masses then to convince them that they are not worthy of pleasure and intellectual pursuit?


Feed them stories and keep them dumb so they don’t learn of the awesome power that is within them!

The most ingenious power play of all time was convincing the masses that good is bad and bad is good, and to call Satan/Lucifer the Father of lies!


5 thoughts on “Lucifer vs. Satan?

  1. For me, Lucifer and Satan are only linked through two connections. One being the erroneous assumption of Fundamentalist Christians{and those who buy their paradigm or links, whether they be christian or not themselves} that Lucifer is the attractive yet Mephistophelian version of Satan{like a good looking ,weel dressed corporate businenessman}, and/or as Satan before his fall. Presumed to be such through the mis-intrepretation of the passage in Isaiah which the KJV renders as “how art thou fallen from heavan or LUcifer, son of the morning”; though that passage contextually is refering to a human Baylonian king poetically nickamed ‘helel ben shahar’ meaning “bright one or morning star, son of the dawn”, which did not refer to a fallen angel or to Satan prior fall, since the Jewish scripture/O.T.’s satan is not even a fallen angel or enemy of the god Yahweh but works with and for him/under him as heavanly court prosecuter and any angel Yahweh sends to “oppose” human works on his behalf. It’sd interesting the morning star thing, because through the Planet Venus as the greek light bearer and bright morning star{brightest object in sky pre-daybreak/heralding daybreak, but Jesus is also called “morning star” in 2nd Peter as well as in Revelations, so Lucifer is therefore also Christ.. The other being that both are connected through Prometheus, who is seen as a prototype of both, but some Liberally minded Christians also see Prometheus as a Christ proto-type.

    To me Satan is the archetype who’s proto-types are Ahriman, Set, and the likes. Lucifer is the archetype whose proto-types are different from those of Satans; Lucifers being Prometheus, Enki, Quetzequatl, Melek Taus, Sophia{and/or Ain Soph Aur and the Deistic demiurge, whish is just the concious aspect of the divien mind who/which is preceded by Ain Sophia who is the divine subconciousness who/which is preceded by the dark chaos or the nothingness- the divine unconciousness or Bythos/Apeiron}. Lucifer and Satan are only connected via Prometheus, but they are also connected by Prometheus to Christ.

    So whilst there are a couple minor links, they are actually more different than Same. Satan as a word and concept is based out of Hebrew language and mythology, and quite possibly that itself is a corruption and cultural inversion by the ancient Jews on the the Vedantic/sanscrit SAT{pure existance/BEING} and TAN{emanating or unfolding from/BECOMING}. Whereas Lucifer is as a word founded in Latin etymology and Greek and pagan mythology and ideas as well as gnostic ones. They share some similar influences and ideas or symbols, but no more so than the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Sikh religions share some similar influences, ideas, symbols, but also some very different ones; similar to the same degre as these are to each other, but also as different from each other as these are from each other.

    Satan represents as you pointed out the carnal, but also the intellectual. Whereas Lucifer represents the intellectual but also the spiritual. Of course there are sects or types of Spiritual Satanism which may contest this a little. Satan has some implications/meanings as a word{if based out of the hebrew anyhow, the sat-tan of sanscrit differs a little} and a archetype based in some proto-types that are sort of morally neutral or even darker or perhaps more elitist and harsh, whereas Lucifers proto-types are largely philanthropic and self-sacrificing and empathetic to sentient life.

    It all really depends on which versions of Luciufer and/or Satan one refers to or takes inspiration and influence from of course. But to me Lucifer has

    Lucifer also represents the light of conciousness that emenates from the divine conciounsess which is a hidden light, which is infused into the seemingly dark cosmos, being through the demiurgic principle- the light of creation itself. I also see Satan as manifetsed as entropy and destruction which precedes the Lucifer which is manifested as evolution.

    Most of the world, especially the west, but also the mid-east via Islam, Lucifer and Satan are seen as if not synonymous than pretty dark close, because of the error of the mistralnslation of that one verse from the book of Isaiah in the Jewish bible intrepreted as the Christian old testament.
    But this is error, error which even some liberal christians have aknoweldged as an error and mis-connection. So in reality they are connected only via Prometheus and the mis-translation/mis-intrpretation of that one passage in Isaiah. I see the two as quite distinct from each other. I like the christian philanthropic fallen angel Lucifer=satan, but also am aware this is a misconnection. I honor and revere the SAT-TAN{vedic/sanscrit and the dark doctrines satanism ‘SaTan”}, other than that, to me Satan is of implications I’m not the biggest fan of{the carnal greed/false ego modern satanism satan}. Lucifer represents much higher aspirations to me. I respect/like and even revere Satan in some schemes, but in others I don’t at all. Lucifer I see only light, life, love, empathy, justice, true will/free will, and self-actualization/self divinity devoid of that false carnal excess ego and devoid of materialistic greed.

    Look at me rambling. lol! sorry. It is a complex subject, and subject to various intrpretations of course, but while I see a couple minor connections between the two, to me they are no more or less similar than Chrisatianity, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism are to each other.

    Anyways, thanks for the thought provoking article. 🙂

    LVX Populi.

  2. I am not religious but I do study the bible along with history and when they say Lucifer is the light bearer they mean the false light, like from a light bulb and not the Son opps sorry Sun (check out vanishing on 7th street) In fact from what I see the churches are worshiping Satan (the God of the realm) and the elite worship Lucifer because he gave them the knowledge to control us. GOVERN control MENT mind. Religion is everywhere in every movie, tv show, song, fable, fairytale it is the same as the bible just reworded and gussied up. We seek the truth and the truth is there is no truth on this plane.

  3. 1 more thing IMAGINE is IM A GIN E the GIN were the fallen ones also ALIEN is A LIE N it’s all spelled out for us.

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