A Peek Inside My Mansion



Imagine you were given a beautiful mansion on a beach or in the forest surrounded by trees, and you could fill it with anything you desire.  Wouldn’t you want to fill it with lovely furniture, paintings, and the finest linens, and have big bay windows so you can smell the fresh sea air or the scent of pine?  Wouldn’t it be great to entertain your friends and family with the most delicious food on the finest crystal?

Wouldn’t it be horrifying if a cockroach or rat scurried across the dining table in your beautiful mansion?  Wouldn’t you call an exterminator or adopt a cat?  Or ideally, try to prevent them from entering your mansion in the first place?

Imagine this is your only time here on Earth and your BRAIN is your mansion.

Imagine that you can fill your brain with anything you desire.  Would you fill it with propaganda, lies, and fear, or literature, art, science, and beauty? 

Would you fill it with mass media’s endless parade of horrifying stories or listen to the ubiquitous forms of hatred spewing from the pulpit? Or would you patriotically donate your precious brain to the government hive and be a docile, obedient worker bee?

Would you allow others to dump fear and negativity into your brain and use it as a receptacle for their poison – a vehicle to transport their hatred and lies? 

Would you allow your brain to be manipulated by someone to suit their own twisted, selfish purposes?

It is so much easier to drink the Kool-Aid that is forced down your throat than to walk away and make your own, right?

Who cares if all that fear and negativity pushes out the peace, love and joy – it’s much more appealing and titillating, right?

And spreading it….. Well that’s just intoxicating! 

Nothing like the smell of fresh bullshit in the morning!


Then why allow a toxin to park its ugly ass in your brain and throw in the free vocal chords for spreading it around, knowing full well that it voraciously devours love, joy, and beauty; making us angry, hateful and ugly?


Negativity is the AID’s virus of the human race – its sole purpose is to consume its host from the inside until he/she is dead.


Each time we react to negativity or give it free rent in our head we give up a piece of our lives as well as the peace in our lives. 

Precious moments of time we will never recover…. lost forever…..

When confronted with gossip, fear and lies, I ask myself – Is this crap even worth my time and energy?  How important is it for me to defend myself?  And more importantly, why should I even bother to defend myself?

Conclusion: What others think of me is none of my business.


Imagine one who has nothing better to do than waste precious moments of his life spreading lies and negativity about others.  This defines HIS existence not mine.

I am not defined by others.  I define myself. 

I don’t drink Kool Aid!  I make my own heavenly Ambrosia by infusing philosophy, science, art, literature and new ideas with love, honor, respect, freedom of thought, and compassion.  It is a heavenly ambrosia custom made for those who don’t give a rat’s ass what others think of them.  It is made for those who think for themselves and define their own lives – those whose brains are not encumbered by negativity.


Like Attracts Like

I recall those nasty rumors going around about Richard Gere some years ago.  And when Barbara Walters asked him about the ugly gossip, he said the following:

“If I am a cow and someone says I’m a zebra, it doesn’t make me a zebra.”



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