Setting the Record Straight

By Season Cole and Laurie Pneumatikos

Jeremy Crow

Some of Luciferianism’s main principles are to be honorable, self-governing, and accountable for our actions. It is a philosophy of empowerment of others as well as the self. It’s also about the understanding and acceptance of responsibility that comes with personal freedom. When those ideals are violated, natural consequences will follow.

None of us wanted to take it this far. In the past, we resisted the idea of hanging out the dirty laundry for all to see. We didn’t want to stir up more social discord or necessitate a schism in the already niche cabal of the Left Hand Path, so we chose to ignore Jeremy Crow and his ubiquitous and grandiose false claims associated with our events. It seems our aloofness has only served to embolden his self-aggrandizing and shamelessly crediting himself for others’ hard work.

In his most recent bio, he boasted of hosting our events and even going so far as renaming the Indianapolis Left Hand Path Conference in 2014, which was hosted exclusively by Laurie Pneumatikos. It takes a lot of nerve to take credit for someone else’s work, but to rename it with your own brand shows an astonishingly blatant disregard for the truth.  

In an effort to set the record straight and to disavow ties with Jeremy Crow, we will divulge details never before discussed publicly. Laurie Pneumatikos has asked Jeremy to remove her name and any reference to the Indianapolis 2014 Left Hand Path Conference from his website, and he has refused to do so. Season Cole and other hosts have removed references to him in the events they initially produced under his brand’s heading (Flambeau Noir). They retitled the project Black Flame in an allied continuation of the vision with other collaborators in their locale, who are legitimately aligned with the LHP and Luciferian ethos. The omission of his name and rebranding was an intentional act by the Ottawa and Portland producers in response to his lack of contribution, ineptitude, and breach of contract (on multiple accounts in both of the 2017 and 2018 events). He is now claiming he produced both conferences and that those who did the majority of the work were his “co-hosts.”

Before the 2014 event in Indianapolis, Jeremy Crow helped to promote it on his forum, which was the extent of his efforts. Laurie Pneumatikos booked the speakers, secured and paid for the venue, catering, and entertainment.   At the event, Jeremy Crow showed up refusing to help set -up, made a presentation about Luciferianism, then hung out at the bar and schmoozed with the presenters and authors. Once he made contact with all the people he wanted to make contact with, obtained phone numbers and other contact information, he left a day early. Upon arriving home, he privately trashed Laurie Pneumatikos to other guests and presenters who attended the event. A few weeks after the event, Laurie Pneumatikos received several cryptic private messages on Facebook from guests and presenters who repeated some of the lies that Jeremy told them. They were cryptic in the sense that they refused to say who it was that was spreading the false information. Laurie knew it was Jeremy because others had eventually confirmed it, so she cut off all contact with him, and to further distance herself and her events from him, she rebranded her 2016 event to the Left Hand Path Consortium.

Shortly before the Indianapolis event, Jeremy was peddling a startup Luciferian Church with a guy who called himself Jacob No (Jacob McKelvey). At the time, Jacob was advertising a book about Luciferianism, and Laurie Pneumatikos preordered two copies. After the Indianapolis event, Jeremy got together with Jacob and some others to promote the Luciferian Church. Several months went by, and no books arrived, so Laurie reached out to Jacob for an explanation. Jacob made one excuse after another until it was past the time limit to file a Paypal dispute. So Laurie took to his Facebook page and the Church’s Facebook page, where he was still promoting the book. Laurie posted several warnings that his guy was a con man and a crook. Jacob was eventually pressured into refunding the money, but by that time, he was well on his way to bilking the Church out of thousands of dollars.  

In the meantime, seeing that Jeremy Crow was just bad news, Laurie Pneumatikos continued to distance herself from him and his cohorts while she hosted her events. After the 2016 Atlanta event, Jeremy convinced other people to host events for him. When previous speakers and guests contacted Laurie about these events, she encouraged them to attend other Left Hand Path events as she never claimed exclusivity. However, she made it clear that she was no longer associated with Jeremy Crow. She had hoped that Jeremy would mature and learn how to play nice in his endeavors at some point. However, several people have contacted her over the years to report examples of his dishonesty and outright thievery, exemplifying a disturbing pattern.

Jeremy has convinced multiple people to host events, promising to assist, and then disappears when the work needs to be done. He rehashes the same formula of petty usury and broken promises with the producers, almost compromising the entire event in each case with his manipulative and childish antics despite sincere attempts at remediation along the way. He gets others to put down their own money for the deposits. With their names on the venue contracts, he puts himself in charge of selling the tickets, refuses to provide a paper trail or receipts, and skims from the proceeds. He shows up to the event at his convenience without helping to prep or set-up. His priorities being to self-promote, get stoned, and party with other presenters, then he leaves early (remitting the cleanup and any real production work to what he calls “co-hosts”). Later, he takes credit for the event and relegates the actual host to that of co-host, thus bolstering his credibility on the internet as some sort of Left Hand Path leader. His narcissism and grandiosity knows no bounds as he takes credit for others’ hard work and throws up numerous smoke screens to hide his true persona, which is devoid of any actual accomplishment. His resume is a list of false accreditation, failed efforts and exploitative collaborations.  

In the aftermath, Jeremy has spread his version of the story to others. In these side conversations, he depicts the people who tried to work with him as irrational assailants and himself as a victim. He excuses his trail of failings with previous event producers by suggesting it’s due to their desire to steal his ideas.  

Jeremy seeks to gain an online following of those who are looking for guidance and can’t see him for what he is. He lacks the integrity and character reflective of an actualized Luciferian and is not what he claims to be.

Embracing Both the Light and the Darkness



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“If a man would persist in his folly, he would become wise”

– William Blake


It takes a hell of a lot to overcome society’s indoctrination; which is akin to climbing out of a bucket of slime. Once you finally make your way to the rim of the bucket, be careful who you reach down to help up, lest they drag you back down into the slime. This is why the Left Hand Path is a lonely one. We have all been burned by those who proclaim to be something they are not; self proclaimed Christians to those who identify as Atheist – it doesn’t matter. The only solution is to take a lesson from the mountain goat who independently climbs to the highest peaks, leave the unworthy behind and focus on our own ascension.

Once upon a time, my programmed belief system turned me into an automaton designed to serve the church.  But even with heavy indoctrination, I recoiled at those in the church who claimed to speak directly with God, and to have some special knowledge of what ‘He’ wanted.  The absurdity of this was only overshadowed by the notion of original sin and the rapture.  So I began to see the Bible as a mish-mash of confusing mythology not to be seen as prophecy or history.

Back then I felt my religion slowly stifling my self-esteem as I was being smothered with ubiquitous guilt trips and admonitions; most notably, warnings against educating myself.  As I was continually told to stay away from certain books, I was discovering a whole new source of information on the internet.  A video called The Naked Truth was the catalyst for intellectual and spiritual awakening which resulted in my renouncing all religion.  At that time I was so angry about being deceived and subjugated for the better part of my life that I vowed never to let anyone control my thoughts or actions again.

It was an exhilarating experience to renounce my slave religion and free myself of the guilt and the pressure to believe in someone else’s fairy tales. I was hungry for knowledge and read every esoteric, occult, and historical book and blog that I could find.  At one point, I surfed into a blog that pointed out the sexual symbolism of the snake and the apple in the Garden of Eden, and another that explored the idea of Lucifer as the serpent in the garden whose goal was to enlighten the humans by feeding them from the Tree of Knowledge.  That’s when I realized my sentiments were with the serpent, gaining knowledge…. which is akin to becoming like gods.

First and foremost, the Left Hand Path to me is about honesty, integrity and taking responsibility for your own spiritual and intellectual evolution.  It holds me to a higher standard of behavior because I have no ‘god or devil’ to blame my inadequacies on.  When I screw up, I can only blame myself because there are no scapegoats in my belief system.  Lucifer/Prometheus/Lilith, to me, are an archetypal figures who inspire us to seek and share knowledge in order to evolve into better people; to lose the slave mentality and hold ourselves accountable for our own actions.  To me, this is the only way to enlightenment.

Losing the slave mentality and embracing responsibility for my own actions has inspired me to serve my community as a Child Advocate and a nurse, and to host two educational events.  It continually inspires me to push myself harder, step outside my comfort zone, and take risks.  Sometimes I win and sometimes I get slapped down, but either way, I know that my experiences are lessons to be learned.  If I wanted to play it safe, I would have stayed with my slave religion.  

My Left Hand Path philosophy has taught me that fear is a liar and it will keep you stagnant.  We are all going to die at some point so why be afraid of death?  Fear of the unknown seems to be the biggest trap there is.  Those who can get past that, can do pretty much anything they want with their lives. 

I’m no longer afraid of failure since I have experienced it so many times that I know how to pick myself up, brush off the negativity and move on.  Failures are lessons, but they are also tests.  How you handle failure is a demonstration of your resolve, your character, and inner strength.  Left Hand Path philosophies are not popular with the mainstream so you won’t get much sympathy or support unless you are exceedingly honorable and empathetic toward others.  People sense what is genuine and one who takes responsibility for him or herself and treats others with compassion and respect is the embodiment of honesty and sincerity.  

I would like to add that Left Hand Path philosophies are unpopular for a reason and they will never become accepted by mainstream society for that very same reason.  That reason is simple: human beings for the most part, are lazy and the vast majority of them would rather watch TV than read a book.  Most humans are not leaders; hence, they prefer to be led.  This is why televangelists and politicians are so easily able to fleece their flocks.  


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